For theater or circus tent
Acting area : 10x10x6,50m
14 artists + 3 live musicians + 3 technicians
Audience : from 12 years

NINGEN is a story inspired by one of the most emblematic figures of contemporary literature, Yukio Mishima, and the starting point for this work is the artistic and emotional sensibility of the Japanese. It takes darkness and complexity to a new limit. Mishima's personality reflected a mixture of influences -at times contradictory- from Japanese tradition to typically Western influences, and the show, like his work, provides a multitude of images and characters.

Read in the papers

"In a fast moving, no interval performance, audiences witness Mikoshi (traditional religious) parades, carnival, the revelation of St. Sebastian, scarified childhood and Samurai Honour.(...) The troupe incorporates trapeze, acrobatics and juggling and high drama to narrate a vision of the human condition. And in this work the aerial artistry does create some wonderful moment of beauty.(...)This is not circus simply minus animals, but an art form drawing on a whole range of sources and inspirations. I would travel far to see such productions". S. Mc Gill - UK The International spectacle mag.

"As eye-catching, distracting, disarming, uplifting and energetic as the Festival that brought it here". Christopher Arnott - The new Haven Advocate.

"SPECTACULAR, weird... The audience was spell bound (...) A japanese story to show the athleticism and circus skill of the cast. Add some smoke, super loud music and the magical atmosphere of the big top and you have a terrific show. Lets hope they're back next year". JP - The Avon advertiser USA


Conception and theatre design: Christian Taguet

Direction: Agustin Letelier
Assistant of direction: Joël Colas

Michel Arias - Xavier Bouyer - Laurent Coudurier - Josselin Disdier - Céline Dupuis - Cécilia Hermosilla-Palma - Aurélie Horde - Yannick Javaudin - Thierry Joutard - Solange Lima - Laure Monot - François Morel - Alejandro Nunez-Flores - Eros Pereira-Galvao - Benoît Taguet - Jean Baptiste Taguet and Vincent Warin.

Scenery and costumes: Enzo Iorio
Assistant designer: Daniel Chotard
Costumes creation: Emilie Paris
Japanese costumes creation: Kaoru Nakano
Masks: Daniel Cendron
Composition and musical performance: Pierre Billon, Pascal Fernandez and François Morel
Choreography: Eric Stieffatre
Lights:Jean Marie Prouvèze
Sound: Yvan Roussel

With the financial support of : Ministery of culture DMDTS - Conseil Général du Val de Marne - A.D.A.M.I. - S.P.E.D.I.D.A.M. - A.N.A. (All Nippon Airways)

Co-producers: E.P.P.G.H.V. La Villette and Festival Parade(s) Nanterre