Musical and comic street act
Running time = 30'
Performed by Christian Taguet and some artists of Cirque Baroque


A performance adapted to playing conditions of play, as well as to your budget


Read in the papers

"Christian Taguet travelled through several continents for about thirty years and particularly Japan where he regularly goes back. He created large shows under circus tent ("Candides" had fascinated the Aurillac Festival), he returns here to his beginnings as a street artist with an ease and a surprising know-how. He leads the dance with an acolyte on guitar and a surprising biker (using a BMX). His striptease number where he removes 45 underpants and unfolds his long hair in front of a slender and tall woman whom he invited to waddle with him is a real bravura".
Edith Rappoport for /06.08


A new version is available : BELAWAÏ !
Grass skirt, floral shirts and ukulele for an incredible Hawaiian version with real femmes fatales and some Hawaiians as you will never see them again... contact us to get more information



In the beginning, there was “Bela and Bartok”, a street performance conceived by Christian Taguet with the aim of playing it in Japan: Two burlesque characters, at the same time saxophonists, singers and clowns for a performance based on the derision and the complicity with the public.
And faced by the success he met, the need surfaced to renew the show with the appearance of circus performers, both in the aerial field with the use of our balance beam and with ground acts.
Thus “Bela and Co.” was born. Always with music live. Always on a comic and burlesque mode. One finds Christian Taguet accompanied by talented performers like “Lotta and Stina” two finnish acrobats on Rola-Bola, or Vincent Warin, acrobat on BMX or even Solange Lima with her vertical rope. And many other artists working with Cirque Baroque to varying degrees.