Special Events

Since the beginning, Cirque Baroque replied to various request for special events with various ambitions, from small things to great projects. With a lot of experience behind us, we can propose you the setting-up of special events with circus performances and help you to give unforgettable memories to your guests.
Each event is new and necessits a particular creation process.



In accordance with the technical requirement of the event, we can also lend you the whole or a part of our technical material (sound, light).

video demo


Some references :

- Gala for HSBC world in Halle de la Sabliere Geneve (Swiss).

- Gala for French championships of tennis by team, first division in Eiffel Halle, Noisiel (France).

-Gala for international convention "ABC-WIN 2006" in Val d'Isère (France).
- Gala for convention "COMAUBADE" under a circus tent in Voujeaucourt (France).
- Gala for the international convention of an important pharmaceutical group in the "Ambassada Gavioli" discotheque in Izola (Slovenia).
- Three weeks in the Shiodomé district of Tokyo city for the new NELKE TV launch (Japan).
- Gala for Societe Generale World bank in Praha (Poland).
- A spectacular show in open air for PUMA's new collection in Florencia (Italy).
- Soccer World Cup 2002 in Yokohama (Japan).

And, in the past, among other things, events for APPLE, BADOIT, KENZO, NOKIA, PETIT BATEAU and for the 30th anniversary of the factory KRONEMBOURG in Obernai city (inside the very factory - France).