In 1973 Creation of the company "Le Puits aux images".

Show in perpetual evolution.


The arrival of the company was most often accompanied by others manifestations and especially " Encounters " with the young Public, as well as workshops and parades and other “saltimbanques” shows.

" The most different of all may be this one. Its team (very young) comes directly from the theater and the street. Solely based on acrobatics and clown numbers, the show benefits from a very good direction, mix of tradition and antitradition. The music is remarkable and the small orchestra even recorded a very good album. Excellent clowns and acrobats entail an enthusiastic reaction from the young spectators and their parents ". Henriette Bichonnier


" All artists play, dance, make aerial or ground acrobatics during one hour and a half of show without intermission , without leaving their characters close to those of the Commedia dell'arte. The charm, poetry, gags are everywhere. Nicoletta fell for Mr Fifrelin, who makes the music with a bicycle pump and Philippe-Gérard has been subjugated by the orchestra, coming from jazz and whose music was composed by Luc le Masne and Philippe Lapeyre … ". Jacqueline Cartier