The show is set quite like a theatre play. There is a framework : we have lost the polar star ; weird scientists study the issue and lead us in totally unexpected wanderings, with travels to the dome of the tent and a dazzling final.


Artists sing, dance, play music, play comedy, but also achieve wonders in juggling and flying exercices.


Here we laugh, we are touched, it is truly circus, with the same small flower of poetry and nevertheless it is different.


The " new artists " of Cirque Baroque like to tell a story in their own way, with their know-how as astounding as their predecessors. We have to let ourselves go with these new wandering actors, they have the talent and the youth, their dialogue is sensitive, smart, artistic and full of poetry.

You the public, especially theatre amateurs, will be seduced by the originality of this show.



Master Coperniclée and Mrs. Koklikova preside to the destiny of a new type of night club : the “encyrclopédique” night club. Having finally managed to tame his astronomer telescope, the master of the place is ready to offer the public, thanks to the well-known principale of attraction, a mathematical series of emotions, all very entertaining, but which have in common the property, entirely inescapable, to be produced by skilful calculations and the scrupulous compliance to the laws of the ballistics - well known by the circus artists.

So far, nothing very rational, the cosmic show, the avalanche of intergalactic acts are precisely ruled. But one evening, the high act of the show : the polar star, experienced trapeze artist and the greatest moment of the creation, engulfs in a black hole.

Jostling a little the embarrassing hypothesis of the anti - matter " to joke ", Coperniclée and Koklikova do not hesitate a second : They immediately deviate their most brilliant acrobat from his orbit and, behind him, precipitate them - with public and luggage - in search of this glow of hope without which - according to them - a scientific statement has very few odds to reach the heart of its audience.

From there, the order of the world and the show is messed up and, in unstable balance on the edge of an electromagnetic wave, Coperniclée, Koklikova and all the troop, rush to the skies, exposing themselves - and thus - their whole audience to delicious dizzinesss, to unforgettable vibrations, to aesthetic convolutions.


Text : Anne Quésemand
Script : Laurent Berman – Anne Quésemand - Christian Taguet
Direction : Jean-Marc Montel - Christian Taguet

Company :
Monika Arnold – AlainBender – Natasha Cashman – Bruno Cérati – Henri Colson – Sylvie Delaire – Bernard Delaire – Armelle Fouqueray – Francesco – Patrice Le Gentil – Claude Lergenmuller – Maryse Mugica – Didier Mugica – Yves Prager – Christian Taguet

Costumes : Sophie Lagae
Music : Olivier Luck
Lights : Serge Bouyer, Christian Taguet
Sound master : Claude Lergenmuller