Did human nature change that much since Homere?

For theater or circus tent
Acting area :12x14x9m
14 artists + 3 live musicians + 3 technicians
All audiences allowed


Coming down from his Olympus, Homer realises that war is still the driving force behind human activity, either for money, or for the conquest of new lands or purely and simply for love.
The only thing we can say is that he won't be disappointed with his descent which looks more like a descent into Hell itself ! Apart from technical advances, man doesn't seem to have taken a decisive step towards an attitude a more pacifistic and philosophically correct attitude.
This show embarks on a travel leaving little place for optimism regarding the very foundations of human nature.


Conception: Christian Taguet
Music: François Morel with “Le Groupe Baroque”
Master electrician: Serge Bouyer
Master sound: Jean-Pierre Legrand
Michel Arias, Cédric Boularand, Xavier Bouyer, Laurent Coudurier, Céline Dupuis, Yannick Javaudin, Thierry Joutard, Solange Lima, Laure Monot, François Morel, Alejandro Nunez-Perez, Eros Pereira-Galvao, Tanguy Simonneau, Benoît Taguet, Jean-Baptiste Taguet, Julien Van-Stennwinckel and Vincent Warin.

About it

It was after being invited to the cultural center of Ansan in South Korea that Cirque Baroque first presented this show in december 2006.

The Director of the cultural center, Mr Cho, desiring to receive Cirque Baroque but not being able to present the show "Ningen" because of the then anti-japanese feelings of the South Korean Prime Minister, suggested that we might present our precedent show "Troie" (Troy in english).

We did not particularly want to restage this show which was origninally created for the City of Braunschweig (Germany) and which stopped touring in 2002. But as we had long been thinking of taking certain particularly successful images and reussing the mould of the show to create a show less pledged to Troy and its history, but to war in general, we accepted.

Mister Cho embraced the idea with enthusiasm and that is how we ended up reworking the show into a new creation with part of the rehearsals at home in Villemaréchal and the finalization at the cultural centre in Ansan.

Although the starting idea of this adventure remained Homer's visit in our modern world three thousand years later, the development leaves room to encompass a more realistic and poetic vision of current conflicts, including Palestine and Iraq.

This new show gives us hope of producing a Japanese tour in 2008. A country with which we have privileged relations but where it seems to be very sensitive to present "Ningen" for political and social reasons that are holding back our project.

So, goodbye to "Troie" which we won't keep in our repertoire, and a big welcome to "La Guerre Baroque" (Baroque war in english) which we very much hope will meet a wide and varied audience around the world.