The show begins in the heavy atmosphere of a sleazy night club.
Customers are settled at a table and start to play a card game, others are dancing on an air of Waltz-musette. A curious bellboy squirms on a chair suspended in the air. A foreigner passes and passes again, apostrophizing the public, but he is so enigmatic that it’s absolutely impossible for us to understand what he tries to communicate.

Between two moments very "café chantant", several men play pool on a pool table that may turn into a trampoline or a mini-stage. The couple of managers of this increasingly curious night club begins to juggle with bottles of champagne. The foreigner and the bellboy fall for the charm of a singular oriental doll ; is she real or is this an automaton ?

Suddenly, the light falters and strident sounds are heard ! We discover the scenery that remained hidden until then and penetrate in the cubist world of NOIR BAROQUE. An immense black head, mouth open, liberates little by little the different facets of its universe.

On the ground and in the air, the extravagant representatives of this world evolve, very naturally, under our amazed eyes.

Stars, cubes, translucent balls, pins fly in all directions. Crazy dancers form strange puppet couples, sorts of two-headed characters. Others are also walking on the ceiling, defying terrestrial laws of the gravity ; and the foreigner passes and passes again, the only link between a kind of reality and this fantastic world.

NOIR BAROQUE surpises us, touches our senses and dazzles by motion effects and light contrasts. Misleading perspectives and various elements tend to merge into the unity of a dynamic and glittering show.

Predominance of the choreographic research and the use of the scenic space, this imaginary trip does not give us neither the starting point, nor the arrival. We get in through the humour, the spectacular and the magic. The performances of the circus numbers are underlined by an original and energetic music.


Conception and casting director: Corinne Lanselle and Christian Taguet
Direction and choreography: Corinne lanselle
Music: Laurent Attali and Pierre Billon
Lights : Corinne Lanselle, Christian Taguet and Serge Bouyer
Costumes : Philippe Leonard
Scenery: Gilbert Lebigre and Michel Crespin

Mohamed Arbias · Michel Arias · Laurent Attali · Alain Bender · Pierre Billon · Boule, Béatrice Buffin · Eliane Domanski · Armelle Fouqueray · Saïd Gherbi · Nikolaus Holz, Aurélie Horde, Edgar Legrand, Bérénice Lévy, Manou, Didier Mugica, Pierre Munoz, Karine Noël, Stéphane Ode, Anton Reza-Bernal, Eric Stieffatre, Ernesto Terri, Tika.