TRIPLE TRAP, the weightless circus.

"In a cramped box, a man and two women. They emerge from the cube, their body coming to life, like mechanical puppets which movements are unstable but still under control. Then their bodies escape to the heights of the stage, fit themselves into each other to form a strange house of cards, on the edge of breaking without ever coming to that. For these bodies are powerful, they elude weightlessness all the time. These three artists offer us a moment of irresistible verticality which finds itself anchored in the deepest reaches of their movements. It's a lively show, but the image that sticks in the mind form Triple Trap' is a fixed one: that of the final chrysalis in which these butterflies attracted to the spotlight conclude their dazzling acrobatics-choreographies". . B.I. Le Contadin - Avignon 2001 (Fr)

"In the shadowy light, two women and a man extricate themselves from an aquarium to come to life in this world. Together, they discover loneliness, love and adultery. In short it's a quite ordinary story, and still it's full of life and emotions. For the eye, these three bodies twist themselves with virtuosity, looking for a loss of balance. For the ear, there's an original music, where the piano goes along the movements of the actors. For the imagination, it's a meeting between three new beings and life as its most primitive. In the wake of the New Circus movement, these three artists serve with their talent a story which leaves the audience speechless". Christine Monin - La Provence - Avignon 2001 (Fr)




Direction and performance: Aurélie Horde, Anne Joubinaux et Jean-Baptiste Taguet
Artistic advisor: Christian Taguet
External advising: Gulko
Composition and musical performance: François Morel
Lights: Jean-Luc Gomez
Costumes : Claudine Messonnier
Scenery : Maurice Horde et Claude Rochefort