Something in the air - a rumor, a music, a perfume of omelet - reminds you without fail of the "Boulevard du Crime".

You get to the jetty. Several stalls are in front of you. Precisely, standing behind the bar, Mister Riquet sells his famous omelets without eggs : he has the spatula, he has the frying pan, he has no egg. He beats all that and you leave with your mystery ripe runny to point that is called magic for the other stalls where you are invited to play various games : " Tattoo " by the Captain Trésonoré, " photograph Stand " with the Beautiful Blue, " Bonneteau and Magic " with Avatar Mirador”, or you try to earn a free ticket by throwing the harpoon straight in the eye of the storm…

Then distinguished passengers show up, preceded by the Prow. Mrs. Lucienne and her husband carry their trunks, children play on skipping cord and Lieutenant Bleuette packs the dishes.

Everyone is invited in the immobile nave and then, you enter the second tent using the sas. And there, you are startled by the beauty of the site : a mist hovers just over the ground, a sunbeam fades in the darkness of tulles and black velvet, the crew is slowly getting drowsy in the yards, the pale sound of a keyboard makes you sick. " Come to breathe the wide open air in our motionless nave", the Bosco bawls more or less.
Indeed, a strong sea smell rivals hard with the shouts of the gulls. But this is not the sea, it is the Seine that has overflowed everywhere, from Belleville to Meudon. Aside from that, the weather report it promises "the time of a dream and maybe the time that is necessary to tell it as well" adds the Bosco, a fine poet.
Therefore a dream can’t be narrated, lest it might lose its essential charm : the solft-focus effect.

Nevertheless, know that, accompanied by music by Alain Margoni and Six Cylindres en V, some colourful characters are going to sway on the bridge to bring happiness to both children and adults.


Text and direction: Jean-Marc Montel and Christian Taguet
on an idea of Annick Hemon « Puce »

Eric Célan - Bruno Cérati - Henri Colson – Anthony J.-B. Daley - Francesco – Luce Froidevaux - Annick Hémon « Puce » – Daniel Honoré - Jean-Marc Hovsépian – Claude Jocteur-Monrozier - Fabrice Lainé - Patrice Le Gentil – Olivier Luck - Maryse Mugica – Didier Mugica – Stéphane Ode - Yves Prager – Fred Rabemananjara - Capucine Renard - Christine Reynaud – Emmanuel Riquier – Jean-marc Sohier - Christian Taguet

Costumes: Geneviève Sireuil - Colette De Roy
Music: Alain Margoni and Six Cylindres en V
The wind machine was made by le groupe Ritacalfoul