Since its creation, the Cirque Baroque continuously told stories, under the appearance of a circus· show, with the wonders, the emotions, the laughters and the shivers that it entails.

"CANDIDES" is a story of encounters :

Between two men : Christian TAGUET of the Cirque Baroque and Mauricio CELEDON of the Teatro Del Silencio, Chilean mime Company.

Between circus and theatre, under the form of a very free adaptation of the Candide of Voltaire.

Between the calm and the storm, the body and its shadow, the mask and the red nose, Voltaire and his character.

Between the mime and the acrobat, the beauty and the absurdity.

With " Candides " The Cirque Baroque keeps on renewing the genre of what is called in France the new circus, while preserving know-how and technical performances of the so-called classic circus.

In its way, between theatre, music, mime and choreography, it defends the supernatural rather than the magic, the irony rather than the laughter, the sense of the story rather than the athletic performance.

Baroque in the profusion of forms, the · charivari · of forms, multiple movements, it bets on the emotion, while offering an ironic look on Voltaire·s work.

Thus, Candide tied in the air, undoes his bonds only to find himself rope-dancer under the defiant look of Voltaire himself. Does Candide suggest him to keep " the rage to sustain that whole is fine when all goes badly " ?
christian Taguet


Conception: Christian Taguet
Direction: Mauricio Célédon

Thierry André - Michel Arias – Laurent Attali – Jean-Claude Belmat - Pierre Billon – Joël Colas - Eliane Domanski - Pascal Fernandez - Aurélie Horde - Agustin Letelier – Bruno Lussier - Sabine Meyer - Didier et Hélène Mugica - Aline Muheim – Pierre Munoz – Jean-Marie Rase – Mahmoud Saïd - Valérie Sangouard - Eric Stieffatre - Benoît Taguet -- Vincent Warin - Katrin Wolf

Scenery and costumes: Montserrat Casanova
Masks: Daniel Cendron
Music: Laurent Attali - Pierre Billon - Pascal Fernandez – Pierre Munoz
Choreography: Eric Stieffatre
Lights: Serge Bouyer – Christian Taguet – Christina Wolf
Sound : Ivan Roussel - Jean Pierre Legrand

Santiago - Chili – 1957

He begins the mime at the age of 16 years.

In the beginning of the 80s, he settles in Madrid where he creates his first shows. Then, it is Paris and his encounters with Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau of whom he becomes the assistant.

In 1986, he joins the " Théâtre du Soleil " of Ariane Mnouchkine where he will remain 3 years.

In 1989, he returns to Chile where he founds his own company · El Teatro del Silencio ". Since this date, Teatro del Silencio has not ceased to tour the planet to present successively " Malassangre ", " Taca Taca Mon amour " and " Nanaqui ".